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A look at Asian markets in 2020

Aggiornamento: 23 giu 2020

Over the course of the last couple of years, the Asian markets have opened up as some of the largest potential importers of Italian wine in the world. Though traditionally fairly reserved when it comes to wine, markets like China and Hong are fats beginning to purchase more and more of the drink from all over the world.

Xtrawine HK Ltd is taking a leading role on the Italian wine market and in 2020 run to manage 5% of the channel of all Italian wine distributed on Hong Kong.

What's new?

A landmark that places quality first in order to recover years of senseless policies aimed solely at exploiting a fake "Made in Italy" without adding value to the commercial offer.

Xtrawine HK Ltd goal is to reach all the houses, give the opportunity to place orders at any time of every day, to deliver the wine at people's home within 24 hours respecting the cold chain.

Our vision

Xtrawine HK Ltd aims to make the shopping experience increasingly intimate in a flow that "slips" gratifying the buyer and instilling trust.

Xtrawine HK Ltd vision is to shift the center of gravity from traditional distribution to the web model, providing 24-hour services that only the most qualified professionals in the wine world could offer.

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