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5 Facts to remember when choosing a markets consultant

In the last twenty years we have witnessed a social and commercial mutation like never before in human history. Markets are increasingly globalized, more and more technological and the challenges are increasingly complex because now are faced with new rules. Countries that until a few years ago were on the sidelines, as considered third world, now face the global market with ideas, content and great economic competitiveness. This is due to the sudden and rapid change in the governance systems which have consequently created more efficient economic systems than those of the old Europe.

To compete, companies need to invest in the creation of human assets, the only resource capable of laying the foundations for an economy of the future.

The role of new consultants is to bring into the company and spread:

1. Knowledge

business models intended as integrated systems of methodologies aimed at the efficiency and optimization of management aspects.

2. Experience

to understand what is the best business model according to the objectives taking into account the characteristics of the company and the people who will have to adopt it.

3. Fantasy

in creating something new and original that is able to amaze the market by adapting to the company's habits without creating big traumas of change

We are far from having discovered everything and possessing infallible business models. What is almost never needed is in books but you must have read many books ... and have a fervid imagination!

4. Technology

A good consultant today must necessarily have a very broad and consolidated view of the offer of the major players and the best technologies available on the market. It is his job to adapt them to the various cases.

5. Speed

The business world is moving at a very high speed that only 20 years ago was unthinkable. Flows and processes are 24 hours and the reaction time to events has been reduced to the thought's speed.

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